Skip hire

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Our complete skip hire service includes a wide range of skips, from 4 to 16 cubic yards and sealed containers for managing hazardous waste.

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EU Landfill Directive

The Landfill Directive was introduced to minimise waste and increased levels of re-use, recycling and energy recovery. It also aims to prevent or reduce negative effects from landfilling on the environment, in particular the pollution of surface water, groundwater, soil and air.

There are many implications of the Landfill Directive for businesses and local authorities, including that waste needs to be treated before it can be accepted for landfill. Treatment in this sense can mean the removal of any waste with the potential for recycling.

Docklands Waste Recycling is continually improving our performance in this area, including with investment in new technology to further reduce our use of landfill. We already recycle around 80% of the waste we collect so please contact us if you require guidance on these regulations and how we can help you meet your landfill obligations.