Wheeled bin collection

For many kinds of waste, especially when it is lightweight or produced in comparatively small quantities, wheeled bins are the perfect choice. Packaging waste and most other dry non-hazardous waste is suited to wheeled bins.

Wheeled bin collection servicesDocklands Waste Recycling provides and collects wheeled bins in sizes from 240 to 1,100 litres. With a large fleet of rear-end loaders from 6-16 cubic yards, we have the capacity for any size of wheeled bin collection service.

All our bins fully comply with the relevant European standards, so they are robust and yet light enough to manoeuvre. The bins can be used indoors or externally and are fitted with brakes to ensure secure positioning.

A regular collection service can be arranged, including with the delivery of replacement wheeled bins so you have permanent on-site waste storage facilities. Alternatively, one-off collections can be arranged.

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