Roll-on roll-off containers - For larger waste disposal projects

With skip sizes going up to 16 cubic metres, it is sometimes necessary to hire a larger container for waste disposal in commercial, construction and industrial environments. This is where roll-on roll-off (rolonoff) containers come in and, as a London waste disposal company with an extensive rolonoff capacity, we can meet your requirements.

London Waste Disposal CompaniesRolonoff containers of 12-50 cubic metres can be hired, allowing for weights of up to 44 yards. Containers are available open-ended or enclosed with a door for access. Sealed units can also be supplied to contain hazardous or confidential waste.

They make an ideal cost-effective storage centre for recyclable material before it is taken away to be put to good use. They have multiple applications, including for industrial waste, paper and cardboard, soil and other garden waste, scrap metal, construction and demolition waste disposal and much more.

If you are generating large quantities of recyclable waste it is worth contacting us for an assessment of whether hiring rolonoff containers might be financially advantageous compared to frequent collections that smaller containers will necessitate.

Another option is to hire one of our mobile compactors, which often help to reduce the potential for fire, wind scattering of material and scavenging by birds and rodents.

As one of the London waste disposal companies with the biggest stock of rolonoff containers, we are well-placed to provide you with a same-day or next-day basis when you have a sudden requirement. Alternatively, a long-term collection service can be arranged, including the delivery of a replacement container so you have permanent on-site waste storage collection facilities.

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