Types of waste collected

Docklands Waste Recycling collect and recycle a wide range of waste products. Choose the material most relevant to you for more information:

Hardcore and aggregate collection and recycling

Hardcore and aggregate collection and recycling We collect and remove all kinds of construction and demolition waste, and help you meet your obligation to recycle as much waste as possible.
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hardcore and aggregates collection and recycling services.

Mixed dry recycling (MDR)

Mixed dry recycling (MDR)We can collect in ongoing schedules that suit you, or make one-off visits to clear unexpected waste.
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mixed dry recycling (MDR) services.

Bulk liquids collection and recycling

Bulk liquids collection and recyclingOur fleet of bulk liquid tankers is available to remove all kinds of bulk liquid waste, including from fat traps, sceptic tanks, storage pits, tanks, drums, interceptors and spray booths.
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bulk liquids collection and recycling services.

Scrap metal collection and recycling

Scrap metal collection and recyclingA large-capacity service for both ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metal, from collection to separation, cleaning and recycling.
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scrap metal collection and recycling services.

Garden and green waste collection and recycling

Garden and green waste collection and recyclingOur service can help extend the life of your organic waste by turning it into compost or soil improver.
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garden and green waste collection and recycling services.

Glass collection and recycling

Glass collection and recyclingWe buy and recycling waste glass from local authorities, waste management companies, glass manufacturers and recycling collection organisations.
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glass collection and recycling services.

Paper and cardboard collection and recycling

Paper and cardboard collection and recyclingIf you generate large quantities of waste paper and cardboard we are interested in buying and recycling it.
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paper and cardboard collection and recycling services.

Waste wood collection and recycling

Waste wood collection and recyclingWood rarely needs to be sent to landfill, with our service collecting it and recycling it into chipboard.
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waste wood collection and recycling services.

Plasterboard collection and recycling

Plasterboard collection and recyclingPlasterboard is now designated a hazardous waste and we can provide a suitable service for its collection and processing.
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plasterboard collection and recycling services.

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