Maximise your recycling performance through energy from waste

Energy from waste

By accessing our energy from waste service, you can benefit from traceability of waste to show how much of your waste is recycled and how much is used to recover energy – a vital component of an ISO 14001 environmental management system for example. In many cases we are also able to offer reduced charges for waste collection when the waste is suitable for this process. Docklands are able to generate huge amounts of renewable energy from waste:


This process is a cleaner alternative to mass burning incineration that is energy efficient, helps reduce the amount of biodegradable materials in landfill and has a negative carbon footprint.
Read more about our pyrolysis service.

Anaerobic digesters (methane recovery)

We use anaerobic digesters as a way to recover biogas from animal manure, which produces electricity while reducing methane emissions.
Read more about our methane recovery service.

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