Waste recycling services

Docklands Waste Recycling can provide you with a collection and recycling service no matter what your situation. This section of our website covers how we collect the waste, how it is managed, and what types of waste we handle:

Waste collection methods

Rolonoff containersInformation about the Docklands Waste Recycling's wide range of collection methods: skip hire, rolonoff containers, liquid waste tankers, wheeled bins and refuse collection vehicles.
Read more about our waste collection methods.

Energy from waste

Energy from wasteWe can provide renewable energy from many different types of waste including municipal solid waste, elements of construction and demolition waste, processed food waste, manure, contaminated waste wood, sawmill waste, forestry waste and sewage sludge. Read more about energy from waste.

Waste management

Commercial and office waste collectionFind out about our services for the collection and recycling of industrial, commercial, office, confidential, construction, asbestos, earthworks and hazardous waste - and our waste collection and recycling services for local authorities.
Read more about our waste management services.

Types of waste collected

Glass collection and recyclingThis is where you will find information on these specific waste types: hardcore and aggregates, mixed dry recycling, bulk liquids, scrap metal, garden and green waste, glass, paper and cardboard, waste wood and plasterboard.
Read more about the types of waste collected.

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