North and East London skip hire services

Docklands Waste Recycling Limited, the leading London skip hire service, offers cost-effective waste disposal solutions for a wide variety of commercial and residential premises.

Whether you're a homeowner looking for a cheap skip service in east London or a multi-million pound business looking to rent a skip in London, we can always accommodate your requirements. To find out more about how we can clear your waste quickly and efficiently, simply email us today or contact us on the number below. Whatever your queries, are team are always on hand to answer your enquiries and provide detailed advice.

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Why choose us as your north London skip hire?

Docklands Waste Recycling Limited has been running for more than 20 years and was originally situated at the site of the London 2012 Olympics venue before moving to Canning Town. As a successful team of hard-working, customer-focused waste disposal experts, we remove our clients' rubbish safely and securely by conforming to all environmental regulations.

We are renowned for our outstanding workmanship and deliver tailor-made solutions to build and maintain relationships with our diverse client base. We offer some of the most competitive skip prices in London and work effortlessly to help homes and businesses in London get rid of their waste. For your peace of mind, members of our team have been awarded certificates from the Waste Management Industry Training and Advisory Board and the Chartered Institution of Waste Management.

Our green ethos

At Docklands Waste Recycling, we comply with all Government legislation and apply rigorous procedures to ensure that our actions prevent harm to human health or the environment. We only purchase products that have been manufactured from sustainable sources and regularly review our targets on an annual basis to implement improvements to our services.

Skip hireThanks to our popularity as the favourite cheap skip hire in east London and other areas of the city, we have expanded year-upon-year and now boast a vast range of collection and storage equipment. Our clients included, but are not limited to, Concentra Limited, Kier London Limited, Outsource Corporation Limited and Blenheim House Construction Limited. We are also the favourite waste recycling company for a number of London councils, which include the councils of the Borough of Greenwich and the Borough of Newham.

A skip in London price that is lower and greener

By working with a reputable skip rental in London that is dedicated to recycling, you are also helping to protect the environment and the cleanliness of your city. In recent years, the EU Landfill Directive has been introduced to reduce waste and promote recycling. At Docklands Waste Recycling, we already recycle approximately 80 percent of the waste that is deposited into our skips and other products with the latest technology. We are determined to combat air pollution and water pollution, and work with responsible businesses and homeowners to reduce our landfill usage as much as possible.

We create enormous amounts of renewable energy from our waste and often charge lower skip hire prices in London for waste that can recover energy. For example, we use a methane recovery technique to recover bio-gas from manure, which can reduce pollution and provide a renewable source of electricity. We also use the pyrolysis process, which can significantly reduce the level of biodegradable items present in landfill sites to help you cut your carbon footprint.

The most convenient way to rent a skip in London

As the legal requirements for residential and commercial waste disposal become increasingly complies, people have a greater need to find the cheapest skip hire in London to save money. Thanks to Docklands Recycling Limited, homeowners and businesses can save time and money by depositing all of their unwanted items outside of their premises. Waiting for a local authority to collect your waste can also be costly and time consuming, which is why a skip hire in east London is such a wise investment.

Reputable skip companies in London can take on all the responsibility for your waste, which means you don't have to spend additional time transporting your items to waste disposal sites in other areas of the capital. We don't just cover eastern and northern districts in the city; we are also happy to serve customers across the Greater London and M25 Essex and in parts of Essex.

We'll help you choose the right skip for your needs

Our team will help you to determine the right size of skip for your items when you choose a skip hire in north London . Often, people underestimate the amount of space that is needed for their waste, which means they end up having to hire an additional skip in London. However, by making sure you know exactly how much space you will need to deposit your items, you can save money by hiring just one large skip rather than multiple smaller containers, which can be much more expensive.

The size of your cheap skip hire in London will depend on two factors; the weight of your items and their total volume. The size of our skips range from 4 to 16 cubic yards, which should be large enough for most of your waste items. However, if you have particularly large amounts of rubbish to throw way, you can choose our roll on, roll of containers, which have a capacity of up to 50 cubic metres and can accommodate a weight of up to 44 yards.

If you're a homeowner or company looking for a cheap skip in London, this is precisely the kind of product you will need. It can be adapted to many different purposes, including garden waste, industrial waste, demolition waste, scrap metal and more. We offer a same-day service, which means you can get rid of all of your items quickly and without hassle as soon as your skip has been delivered to your street.

You may also want to consider hiring a mobile compactor for your east London skip hire, which will reduce the risk of a fire and will help keep your waste out of reach of birds and rodents until we arrive to collect it. A mobile compactor is also useful during windy weather, when materials can be blown out of a skip onto adjacent pavements and roads, which can cause obstructions.

Do you need a highway permit for a skip in east London?

Depending on which borough you live in, you may need to apply to your Council to obtain a permit for cheap skip hire in north London or east London. We can offer comprehensive advice on how to obtain a Highway Permit if you don't have an off-road space near your residential or business premises. We can also supply you with useful information about your obligations; for example, what materials you can deposit into your skip in north London and the space our vehicles will require on your street.

As a universal rule, your waste items should not be flammable, explosive or contain any toxic elements that could pose a risk to public health and safety. For your assurance, all of our skip equipment is thoroughly checked on a regular basis. Our lifting chains undergo statutory maintenance checks to ensure that they can support all of your waste items, whether they are deposited in a skip in east London or a skip in north London

Hire a skip that conforms to all the latest regulations

As an increasingly popular London skip company, we will adhere to common regulations such as making sure the skip does not block water drainage or cause obstructions to council services. We will also position it in a suitable location that does not obstruct motorists, cyclists or pedestrians, or infringe on any private property. If you intend to place your skip on your own private land, you do not need a permit from your council.

Skip permits are typically valid for one to 30 days and will often need to be restricted to certain lengths or widths in designated areas. A skip must be placed a reasonable distance from a road junction and should be positioned as closely as possible to another skip on the same road. A London skip will also be clearly marked with the contact details of the owner and should also be marked by an amber flashing light during poor weather conditions.

For information on how we work with homeowners and businesses to reduce the national carbon footprint, feel free to get in touch with us today. You are also welcome to make any further enquiries about our cheap skip hire in London, in addition to our London skip hire prices.

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