Waste Not and Your World Wants Not!!

Wednesday 15 September 2010 14:23

Waste Not and Your World Wants Not It doesn’t happen quite so much these days as even the well-heeled are feeling the economic downturn but rich people still look to others for their waste recycling when they buy a new home. Skip hire is a cheap way for builders to dispose of perfectly good kitchen units and white goods in order to make room for brand new luxury kitchens. Sometimes, the waste recycling is taken care of by an observant passer-by who takes the discarded units and fits them into their own kitchen. Sadly, more often than not, quality granite surfaces are replaced by marble surfaces and then dumped in landfill.

It is quite shocking when one realises that certain wealthy people really do not care about waste recycling or energy conservation. For example, world famous rock stars that spout piously about third world debt will book the entire first class section on passenger jets, just so they don’t have to mix with “ordinary” people. Perhaps there could be an alternative skip hire service into which aged rockers could be dumped! Ironically, it isn’t necessary to be a Socialist or even remotely Left Wing to be thoroughly disgusted by the profligate waste of the super rich. It really is one rule for them and another for the rest of us who buy low voltage light bulbs, collect paper and card, and deposit old clothes and shoes in waste recycling bins.

It is not fully understood by many people how important food waste recycling is, as food waste dumped in landfill causes masses amounts of dangerous methane gas. Hotels, restaurants and supermarkets chuck out great mountains of half-eaten, uncooked, or passed-its-sell-by-date food that decomposes and adds to the overall levels of greenhouse gases. Trees are chopped down to make way for cattle to supply the world with burgers and steaks; but each cow produces massive quantities of global warming methane gas which, coupled with fewer trees, is adding to the overall global warming effect.

Each and everyone of us is responsible for our own waste whether it’s skip hire for construction waste collection, which must be properly disposed of by a competent recycling organisation, or everyday household waste which should be placed in special waste recycling receptacles that are usually provided by local councils. If we all do our bit, it will make a difference.

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