Waste Management: Weekly Round Up

Monday 14 November 2011 11:11

Find out all the latest news about what's happening in the world of waste management London and surounding areas:

Contaminated brown bins 'waste council cash'
The first story this week comes from all the way from Grimsby as the local council watches as its cash is wasted due to contaminated brown bins.

Contaminated brown bins 'waste council cash'Thousands of residents in North East Lincolnshire are ignoring the rules printed on the lids of their brown bins and throwing everything from TVs, tins and jars to clothes, baby’s nappies and shoes inside.

This is hindering the council's recycling rates and contributing to costly landfill taxes and they are now reviewing their options.

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Southwark's waste management facility 'fully operational by January'
The Next story is about the launch of London’s first inner city integrated waste management facility will be open and running by this January. It’s a 14 acre site costing £60m and has the ability of processing 85,000 tonnes per years.

Southwark's waste management facility 'fully operational by January'Located just off old kent road the facility will serve 45,000 homes and it would help increase Southwark’s recycling rate from the current 25% to 40% within the next few years. The council aims to reach 50% recycling by 2021.

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Businessman jailed after causing £500,000 damage by illegally dumping one MILLION tyres in five counties
Heading back to Lincolnshire again following a man received a 15 month jail sentence for illegally dumping over a million waste tyres across the country.

Businessman jailed after causing £500,000 damage by illegally dumping one MILLION tyres in five counties

An Environmental Agency investigation worked closely with local authorities, fire and rescue and land agents following reports that the man was offering cheap waste tyre collections and operating multiple illegal waste sites around the country.

The man from Spalding, Lincolnshire, is said to have dumped the tyres at environmentally sensitive locations in Essex, Norfolk, Yorkshire, Worcestershire and Lincolnshire to avoid disposal costs.

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Underground Bins for London Households
Underground Bins for London HouseholdsThe last story this week is an unusual one of the London Borough of Tower Hamlets has completed the replacement of one hundred and fifteen underground waste containers, a part of a £250 million regeneration project for the area.

According to the supplier, the new Iceberg Optima subterranean bins from will make it easier for local residents to dispose of their rubbish by replacing the need for residents to have 4 or 5 different wheeled recycling and waste bins outside their property.

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