UK Food Waste Down

Tuesday 15 November 2011 13:26

Families in the UK are throwing away 7.2 tonnes of food waste each year. Results published by the governments Waste & Resources Action Programme (Wrap).

Dr Liz Goodwin the WRAP chief executive says that amount of waste is worth £12 billion a year.

Dr Goodwin went on to say that there has been a 13% reduction in household food waste since 2006. She then went on to say that although this result was “very welcome but more still needs to be done”.

The survey found that a fifth of all food purchased is wasted and more than half the food that is thrown away, around 60%, could have been eaten.

When questioned WRAP believes that the increase in food prices and the economic downturn have contributed to the reduction in the amount families in the UK throw away.

All government agencies have been given the task of working towards a zero waste society. Each agency has the priority to find ways of tackling waste which includes food waste. They plan to do this by scarce resources in use for as long as possible.

When Dr Goodwin was asked about the business sector her reply was “Food waste throughout the supply chain was very significant and needs addressing.

Over the past three years the UK's Waste and Resources Action Programme (WRAP) has met all its published major targets, helping to keep 11 million tonnes of waste out of landfill, avoid 5.5 million tonnes of CO2 equivalent emissions and generate £2 billion of benefits to the UK economy.

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