Top 10 Rubbish Movies

Wednesday 14 March 2012 11:13

At Docklands we love our movies and we love recycling too. What we hate are rubbish movies and so we feel that stronley about them we decided to name them and shame them once and for all.

This is a list of all the films we believe that belong in one of our skips.

Lets get on with the condemnation, strating from 10 and working our way to the worst:

10 - Inspector Gadget

Taken from the kids TV series and quite frankly didn't live up to it. If the movie was orgional then we may of thought it was alright. Unfortunetly the TV series was much better and thats the reason it has made it on to our list.

9 - The Matrix Reloaded

After the roaring success of the first matrix film we were deeply disapointed with the second film. To us it appeared to be a bridging movie between the first and the third. Could of done without it really.

8 - Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa

Now you can tell this list hand nothing to do with my children because they would of not agreed with me. Saying that I am there parents and I know best. As with the matrix the orgional madagascar was brilliant and I had so much high hopes for this one but it wasn't meant to be.

7 - Wild Hogs

Now I'm going to be honest and say I have never seen this movie before. After watching the trailer I made my mind up that I wasn't. Althought with its great actor line up there was no substance.

6 - Batman and Robin

Its hard there were batman films around before Batman Begins but there were. They were terrible. They looked great, they had great actors but they were rubbish and Batman and Robin was the worst.

5 - The Happening

Again another film I haven't seen but this time I can confess that I don't think the trailer looks to bad. Aparently the rest of the team say the trailer is made up of only the good bits. So if it was on the tv would I turn it over? My answer would be no but you got to keep your staff happy.

4 - Fantastic Four (Rise of the Silver Surfer)

I never have worked out if this movie was aimed at adults or kids. With weak story lines that only a child would find entertaining but too much voilance to actually sit your kid in front of the box I think this film never quite made its mind up.

3 - The Mummy (Tomb of the Dragon Emperor)

I have never been a fan of the Mummy saga but for some reason they keep on releasing more of them. If I had my way all of them would be in the top 10.

2 - Epic Movie

I think you belong in the skip along with this movie if you have watched it. Its truely terrible. I wanted it to go to number one spot but that spot was already taken from the get go.

1 - Norbit

Finallally number one spot goes to the kind of rubbish movies - Norbit. I actually believe people have been told this is a rubbish movie therefore they believe it. There are some really funny part to this movie but there are some other parts that are just terrible.

I think Norbit means the same in rubbish movies as Chesney Hawkes is to one hit wonders. It will always be associated whether it deserves that title or not.

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