The Coca-Cola Company in Waste Management Pledge for London 2012

Monday 14 November 2011 15:16

Coca-Cola has unveiled plans to recycle all colourless coke and non-branded plastic at the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic game. This pledge falls in line with aiming to make the games a low carbon event. They aim to recycle the materials into 80 million new Coke bottles within six weeks of the games ending.

This will double the amount of PET bottles recycled in Great Britain and supply Coca Cola with enough material of hitting its target of 25% recycled PET in all plastic packaging by 2012 within the UK.

Coca-Cola has set out many other commitments for waste, climate change as well as health and wellness. Its aims have been to improve sustainable living for consumers, suppliers within the UK.

Other key commitments made by the Coca-Cola System include:

  • At all London 2012 venues, packaged Coca-Cola products will be served in 100% recyclable plastic bottles which will contain up to 25% recycled content (rPET)
  • Coca-Cola, Diet Coke and Coke Zero drinks will be served in PlantBottle packaging containing up to 22.5% plant based material as well as 25% rPET
  • Coca-Cola will work with LOCOG and WRAP to trial a new, simple waste system that it hopes will become a blueprint for major sporting events in the future
  • Coca-Cola has placed 260 recycling bins in locations around the centre of London.  On Oxford Street alone, these bins are collecting over a tonne of recyclable material every day
  • Coca-Cola is working in association with WWF at every stage of it journey to London 2012 and has incorporated their environmental recommendations into its sustainability strategy.

Independent research shows that products made with recycled plastic from the ECO Plastics site are 68% less carbon-intensive than packaging made with virgin materials, ECO Plastics said.

The ten-year venture deal guarantees an annual supply of recycled PET to Coca-Cola, the company said. Coca-Cola said it currently sources its recycled PET from continental Europe, while around two-thirds of plastic packaging used in Great Britain is exported for reprocessing.

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