Skip hire - When SIZE matters

Tuesday 5 October 2010 09:23

Skip hire has never been easier; in fact, the biggest problem is usually deciding on the size of skip to hire. If the skip is going to be situated on a residential road then a skip license must be obtained from the local council but if it’s located on private land then choosing the right size of skip is the big question and usually the answer is the bigger the skip the better.

It usually makes financial sense to go for a skip at least one size too large when considering skip hire as it is easy to underestimate the level of waste; and it is invariably cheaper to have one big skip hire than two or three smaller skips. The beauty of skip hire, when disposing of rubble and waste, is that the responsibility for the considerate and legal disposal of the waste within the skip is the responsibility of the skip hire company. Often skip hire organisations operate official waste recycling centres because setting up a skip hire company perfectly complements a waste recycling business.

Skip hire is the brilliant solution for handling all kinds of waste whether it is multiple tonnes of waste generated by major building projects or simple household waste from a private individual undertaking a loft conversion or a kitchen extension. Generally, skip hire is measured by capacity and small skips will have four cubic yards of space and much larger skips will go up to about sixteen cubic yards of space. For tricky items such as hazardous waste there are special London Mini skip hire containers that can be sealed.

The law and waste recycling is very clear and nowadays there is no excuse for not disposing of waste in the proper way; and the easiest method is to seek out a skip hire organisation that also operates a waste recycling centre.

For exceptionally bulky waste it may make sense to find a skip hire centre that has a mobile compactor. There is no doubt that compacted waste is much less of a fire risk than bulky waste that is full of air pockets left in an open skip.

Skip hire is the simple solution to almost every waste problem as it transfers the responsibility for the waste to the skip hire company. Don’t skip the hire – skip hire!

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