Latest Skip Hire Company convicted of illegally dumping of waste

Friday 8 April 2011 14:22

A welsh skip hire firms owner been convicted of dumping an estimated 29,000 tonnes of waste. The waste was dumped at two different sites near Caernarfon in Gwynedd.

The charges were brought against William O'Grady and two companies he runs, Gwynedd Skip Hire and WM O'Grady Haulage and Plant Hire. The 12 charges brought by the Environment Agency Wales were denied by Mr O’Grady.

At Mold Crown Court it was heard that by illegally dumping that amount of waste would of saved Mr O’Grady over £1.5 million in landfill charges.

Of the two site about 1,500 tonnes was dumped at one site and the other had a massive 27,500 tonnes which is believed to be one of the biggest illegal landfill sites in north Wales. Mr O'Grady accepted that there was waste on the site but said neither he nor his companies had put it there.

Sian Williams from Environment Agency Wales said: "It is against the law and simply irresponsible to dump waste wherever and however you like for financial gain.”

Recently we have seen this happen a lot and its becoming more common. Due to the prices of landfill being so high there are many skip hire companies not sticking to the rules. The real problem is the clients never know. In most cases these rouge companies are still charging the same rates as other firms who stick to the rules.

So how can you guarantee that your skip hire provider isn’t doing the same?

Go with a reputable firm. Why not give our team a call and speak to someone who cares where your waste is dumped.

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