Safety First

Friday 25 February 2011 13:01

At Docklands we set a high standard when it comes to recycling at our depot. We do this because we care about the enviroment and we feel its good business practice.

The accident rate is around four times greater compared to the UK average. Fatal accident rates are even higher at around nine times the average compared to all industries.

In January visits by Health and Safety Executives in Derbyshire were found one in four skip-hire and waste transfer sites visited to be risking workers safety.

Five of the 21 sites which where spot checked were issued with enforcement notices. In some cases it was that serious all workers were forced to stop work immediately.

In total, ten notices were issued with four being issued at just one site alone. Other sites visited were found to be good, although some were given safety advice where there was room for improvement, such as ensuring adequate maintenance of equipment.

It comes as an eye opener to the public who beleave that because we are not a third world country that this doesn't happen. Well unfortunetly its a shame to say it does.

We provide safe working conditions for all our staff who are properly trained to deal with waste managament.

At docklands we can't understand other waste management and skip hire firms who wont look after their staff. We wonder if some companies try their own employees like this how must they treat their clients.

We would always recommend any business looking to take out a long term contact on waste managment to ask about their working practices to make sure they work to a high standard and not putting their workers at risk.

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