Next Generation Street Bins

Tuesday 8 March 2011 14:13

Saving the planet is the current big thing with thousands of businesses trying to show how green they are. Councils are no exception but a product has come to the streets in Cambridge which aims to reduce bin collections by up to 70% with the aim to cut weekend collections to zero.

Named Big Belly bin, these are not like any ordinary bins. They are an environmentally friendly solution to increase capacity of streets bins whilst eliminating overflowing and reduced collections.

While costing three times as much as current street bin, Kyron UK Limited have managed to come up with the first smart street bin. So with all the budget cuts why on earth would councils consider buying these new bins?

Let’s start with what they do. Quite simply they are a normal closed bin that has an inbuilt compactor. Once the bin starts getting full these bins will compact the rubbish to make room for more rubbish.

Compacting the rubbish cuts down on the amount of collections needed to be made each day/week saving on manpower and transport cost. The compactor itself is self-powered by a solar panel located on the top. So it runs on green energy.

Next Generation Street BinAnd if that isn’t amazing enough the bin will actually send txts and emails when the bin is 85% full informing the Council when it needs to be emptied.

So keep a look out for the next generation street bins down a street near you. 

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