Don’t Skip the clear-out this Christmas

Wednesday 8 December 2010 11:58

We all have too much stuff in our homes. We keep things just in case we need them only to find that the day never comes. We would describe such items as cutter. Don’t forget clutter attracts clutter and with all the new gifts you and your family will be receiving this Christmas it’s only going to get worse.

So how do you get rid of clutter?

Many people want to sell their items ebay. This is a great idea and can turn your clutter into cash. That’s if you do it right.

Most people don’t take action and put in online in the first place. Those that do soon realise what a long process it is. You have to take photographs, write descriptions, answer buyer’s questions, go down the post office to post it off. Then you get the buyer complaining they didn’t receive the item so you lose out.

Other ways are car boots sales. These are great in summer but forget it in winter. It’s far too cold to say the least. Or you could try the local charity shop but they are inundated with belongings especially leading up to Christmas.

So this time of year, you’re going to have to face facts and just chuck it out. Stop the build-up of clutter before it gets bigger.

That’s why many of our customers hire a skip just before Christmas to get rid of the unwanted clutter without the hassle or the price tag.

Many were worried at first would they need something as large a skip. By the time they are finished they worried about over filling it.

The one thing our customer repeatedly say especially from couples with children is how relieved they are once they have had their clear out. They talk of the weight lifted off their shoulders; their house looks better and cleaner. They look forward to having their friends and family around this to show off their beautiful cleans houses this Christmas.

Stop putting it off and hire a skip in today. Call 020 7511 5634 and declutter in time for Christmas.

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