Clinical waste disposal in London

Thursday 7 June 2012 09:28

Clinical waste bins aren't just required for hospitals. Rules were brought in with the Controlled Waste Regulations 1992. Although there has been no review of controlled waste regulation recently there is talk that a rethink could be in the coming years. It states that local council has a duty of care to collect clinical waste from domestic property.

The reason for this law is to protect the refuse collectors by stopping them getting injured while picking loading the trucks up on their rounds.

clinical waste disposal London bags

Domestic Clinical Waste

Many local councils provide free collection service. This includes collections for infectious waste, Needles and other sharp object waste, cytotoxic waste and any other offensive waste. Just to point out that under current results, adult and children’s disposable nappies can be placed in your Wheeled bins or purple sacks to go straight to landfill.

Commercial Clinical Waste

Businesses and other non-household organisations can also get support from their local council. Many provide collection services for Doctors, Hospitals, Residential and nursing homes. It also goes as far as coving vets, tattoo parlours and other similar establishments.

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