Cheapest doesn’t always save you money

Wednesday 8 December 2010 12:08

With the current economic conditions at the moment everyone is having to tighten their belts. We search and look for the cheapest prices for electrical, utilities, food and given skip hire to make our money go further.

Cheap doesn’t always mean quality of service but there are many services like utilities are exactly the same product no matter how much we pay. Many people believe this is true for skip hire as well but they would be mistaken.

There are many businesses operating cut price services for waste disposal. It seems very attractive to consumers who are after a bargain not realising the real consequences. Many of these cut prices waste disposal firms are able to offer low prices because they don’t actually dispose of your waste correctly and dump it where ever they can. This is also known as fly tipping.

Figures suggest there were 55,000 incidents of people illegally dumping rubbish between April 2008 and March 2009, costing taxpayers around £3m. Councils are fighting back by installing cameras and catching these firms in action.

So why should this matter to you?

Well with fines up to £50,000 or up to five years imprisonment often it’s not the firms that get the fine it’s the owner of the rubbish.

Many people who have been fined so far were not aware that the firm they used to dispose of their rubbish was doing it incorrectly and just presuming it was getting taken to landfill.

The government are advising people to not take the cheapest route and to choose fully licenced reputable waste management firms like Docklands, to avoid possible large fines and or perhaps imprisonment.

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