Pyrolysis is a means of generating renewable energy from the chemical decomposition of waste and biomass material. Our pyrolysis technology produces a clean gas with high calorific value. 

PyrolysisThe recovery of energy begins with front-end processing to recover materials such as recyclable metals. Then a screening stage separates biomass from the remainder of the waste. The core process itself then generates biomass fuel that is turned into power gas to produce renewable energy.

It’s an alternative to burning fossil fuel that has clear environmental benefits: a reduction in landfill, less need for fossil fuels and CO2 emissions, and the ability to manage waste locally. There are also financial advantages, the benefit of plant infrastructure with a smaller footprint and visual impact that some alternatives, and qualification for Renewable Obligation Certificates.

A wide range of waste streams can be processed, including municipal solid waste and elements of construction and demolition waste and processed food waste, which can all be used to produce a bio-fuel that meets European standards to qualify as a renewable fuel. Other materials that can be used to create energy include manure contaminated waste wood, sawmill waste, forestry waste and sewage sludge.

Please contact us for advice on whether pyrolysis generated renewable energy is suitable for your waste management needs.


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