Skip hire

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Our complete skip hire service includes a wide range of skips, from 4 to 16 cubic yards and sealed containers for managing hazardous waste.

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Environment policy statement

Docklands Waste Recycling is committed to the long-term protection of the environment in the manner in which we conduct our operations. As such we will:

  • Ensure that we comply with all relevant legislation and are aware of how impending legislation will impact on our operations.
  • Ensure that all employees are aware of and are competent in how this legislation affects their day to day activities where practicable.
  • Ensure that procedures are in place to prevent harm to the environment or human health resulting from the company's activities where practicable.
  • Ensure that the responsibility for compliance with these procedures is held by a senior manager in conjunction with all staff.
  • Ensure that materials and products are purchased from sustainable sources and that waste arising from the company's activities is re-used or recycled where possible.
  • Ensure that all targets are reviewed annually and that improvements are implemented quickly and efficiently.